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All you need to do is pick your plan, set your meal preferences for each day, and we will coordinate your selections with our weekly menu.

Come by Fit Food Cuisine every Monday during pick up hours & take home your new week of freshly prepared meals!

You may cancel your Subscription at any time.

Fit Food Cuisine Duo

2 meals per day for five days.

Entrées and Protein Bowls only; no Breakfasts.

Standard price for 2 meals
Cost per week*
Subscription Plan
SAVE 17%$79.00

Fit Food Cuisine Trio

3 meals per day for five days.

Includes Breakfasts, Entrées and Protein Bowls.

Standard price for 3 meals
Cost per week*
Subscription Plan
SAVE 18%$105.00

Costs are based on our current Menu prices of $6.50 for Breakfast, $9.50 for all standard size Entrées and Protein Bowls.
*Weekly cost is based on a five day week (Monday – Friday).

How Subscription Plans Work

Automatic Weekly Meals for Your Convenience!

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    Pick up Every Monday

Get a Subscription Plan, set your meals preferences for each day, and let us do the rest!

On Mondays during pick up hours, stop by to take home your new week's worth of prepared meals.
To guarantee freshness, we cannot hold your order past Wednesday.

When you're ready for something different, simply cancel your subscription and start a new one.